After 54 years as a credit union, the Washington County Postal Federal Credit Union will be merging with Frick Tri-County Federal Credit Union on January 28, 2014.  The Board of Directors has decided, in the best interest of our members, that the time has come to end our credit union operations.  This was a difficult decision for the board, but the only one that made sense.

It has become impossible to continue where to trade cryptocurrency in philippines because of the age of the present staff and the inability to find replacements.  Buck, Tony and George are in their 70's and have made it clear they have no desire to continue the operation of the credit union.  The postal service is not hiring and we are unable to sign up new members due to restrictions of our bylaws.  Operation costs are continuing to rise crypto investment philippines and revenue from investment and loans are not not enough to continue paying a dividend.

Frick Tri-County Federal Credit Union is a full service credit union offering many services that we cannot.  They have convenient offices in Uniontown, Washington, Charleroi and Waynesburg.  You will be contacted by mail with cryptocurrency trading app a new account number and a membership packet.  Any questions concerning the new credit union should be directed to Frick.  They will answer any questions\concerns.  You may contact them at (724) 438-5123.  Their website is

For those of you who have direct deposits, no action is necessary.  If you decide to change the amount or discontinue the direct deposit, a new routing nember and account number will be necessary.  Frick will supply the information.